Side Hustle Idea: Virtual Assistant Service

Underpaid & Overworked Position, or Legit Money Opportunity?

Being a virtual assistant is one of the most rewarding side hustles you can have. You get to work from wherever, whenever, and with whoever you want! 

For some, it sounds too perfect to be true, but when it comes to any side hustle or opportunity to make money, you have to remember that everything is about perspective. What does this have to do with it being good or not? That you have to determine if it is a perfect fit for you. 

So, despite it having many benefits like the previous ones we mentioned, you have to go over the cons of betting on it. 

In this blog post, we will share everything you need to know about being a virtual assistant, including what it’s like, how to start working as one, and if you should decide to invest your time in it or not. 

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do? 

The whole concept of offering this service is as simple as it sounds: you provide assistance virtually. 

If you’re familiar with assistants that are usually following their bosses around and next to their offices working pretty much like secretaries, you follow the idea of the side hustle. 

However, there’s a twist to it that you will love, and it lies in the fact that every part of the job will be done remotely. 

You don’t have to worry about commuting to the workplace, worry about getting dressed for work, and so on.

What a virtual assistant does is helping out with any type of task that your boss needs help with, from setting up meetings or appointments, preparing presentations all the way through writing articles and other content.

The work can vary depending on your boss or who you’re helping in the process. After all, not everyone needs an assistant for the same reasons. However, the scheme of your role doesn’t vary to the point of having to get used to the process every single time. 

Instead, it is more about workload. How much you’re working and the number of hours you have to be available. 

However, here’s another twist: you shouldn’t have to work for hours every day since you should have the freedom to choose your working hours depending on the job or boss you’re choosing.

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What You Need to Offer Virtual Assistant Services

When it comes to logistics, you will always need a computer, smartphone and make sure that your Internet connection is stable. Still, as for other elements like specific equipment, it isn’t usually required. 

As we previously mentioned, everything depends on who you’re working with and the specific role you’re accepting. Yes, there’s a standard of what you need or will have to do, but you have to ask for terms and specific workload you will be accepting. 

Some virtual assistants need a set of headphones and a microphone to offer their services, while others just need their computers and are ready to rock. 

Now, enough about equipment and materials. What happens with the skills and qualifications you have to meet? 

The skillset required varies (again) based on the tasks offered, but it’s usually related to IT and typical office work functions: 

  • Being able to handle Microsoft programs such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel in order to prepare documents. 
  • You also need good communication skills – either verbal or written – because you will usually handle several telephone conversations as well as communicate with your boss. 
  • Be organized and have discipline. 
  • Time management is crucial if you want to help others with their schedules in the first place. 
  • Good work ethic is appreciated by all employers, along with someone who knows how to type well and fast. 
  • Knowledge in basic accounting. 

The advice we can give you for this, in particular, is to offer your virtual assistant service based on what you CAN do. 

Although you will face situations in which you will need to accept an offer for whatever reason, you can reduce the tasks you have to deal with by specifying in your profile what you’re willing to do or if what someone else requests is something you can handle as well. 

In other words, try always to make the boss follow your circumstances and terms and finally, don’t think that you need talent. 

Everyone can learn all of the above if you don’t know some of them already. And if you’re missing some, it is about investing some time before starting.

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How Much Does It Cost to Start?

Unlike what many would think, it is pretty cheap for real. 

If you have the previous equipment (computer, Internet and some extras when needed), which we’re confident you do, things shouldn’t get complicated. 

There’s no need to use expensive equipment either. As long as your computer can open Microsoft Office, everything should be fine. 

However, if you’re missing one that works properly, you will need to invest in starting working as a virtual assistant and, of course, to cover other needs. 

If you need to buy a computer, you don’t have to spend a fortune if the only goal is to work in this field. Instead, you can invest around $300 for some old model that helps you until you’re able to finance another in the future. 

Now, the most crucial part for 90% of the people reading this isn’t how much it costs to acquire equipment but rather to start offering the services and how or where they can do it, to begin with. 

Since there are many platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and LinkedIn itself, you won’t struggle to find a place where there’s no need to pay to start working. 

You can easily apply for jobs or open your profile in order to post your services and wait for employers to seek you for them. 

The platforms we have more experience with are Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr. 

In Upwork, you use connections to apply for virtual assistant opportunities, and you’re able to read the full description of the job position before doing so. 

You have up to 60 connections monthly, and depending on the employer, you will spend between 2 to 6 connections while applying. If you use them all, you’ll need to buy more unless you get more, thanks to the platform’s reward system. 

For Fiverr, it is more about setting your project and waiting for people to seek your offer. Consider it a catalog that, despite the competitors you will find, has enough space for everyone. 

Finally, LinkedIn is completely free and a social media for work only. So, if you want to succeed in this process, you better start getting familiar with it regardless of the job or side hustle you choose, but you will find it more than just useful for virtual assistant service. 

Can You Make Money without Effort?

You are close to it. 

We don’t want to sell you the idea that being a virtual assistant doesn’t require effort and dedication because it does, but you certainly have more freedom and should be able to work (as we previously mentioned) the hours you wish to. 

Since this side hustle is based on how much you earn per hour, you can choose to work about 3 hours a day and still earn money without sweating it.

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Now, the real question is: how much can you make per hour? 

The scale or range goes from $10 to $30 per hour, and it follows your experience and how much workload you will deal with. 

Most amateurs or beginners in the side hustle charge between $6 to $10 per hour in order to gain some experience and start finding clients. 

However, when you have been in the field for a while, and your skills have developed quite well, it is simple to increase this rate to $20+. 

Let’s suppose you charge $6 per hour and work 5 hours, six days a week. This would allow you to make $180 a week. 

If you take your time and reach the point of earning $20 per hour, this quickly increases to $600 a week. 

This is why many people end up working in this field and offering the service as a full-time job more than a side hustle. 

Thus, we expect this motivates you to give it a try!

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