Travel Destination: Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Bathing in Sand or Jewel Hidden in a Narrow Slot?

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, is a must-see location for anyone who loves traveling. It’s located outside of Page, AZ, in the Navajo Nation, and it offers visitors a chance to see antelopes roaming free as well as some incredible natural beauty. 

Of course, this isn’t the only reason why many would decide to visit. But before we get there, would you really be willing to choose it before other places like maybe the Grand Canyon (to compare it with a similar one), or a completely different location like The Great Chinese Wall? 

Well, in our opinion, it all depends on what you want and your preferences when it comes to traveling. 

We can tell you from our experience that the Antelope Canyon offers you a unique experience you won’t regret investing your time in. We guarantee that even those without much love for this type of location will be ecstatic with the beauty of the place. 

Therefore, we encourage you to give it a try if what you learn from this post ends up catching more than your attention but rather your next travel destination in your booked list. 

History & Origins: The Antelope Canyon

The Canyon itself was created by water from rain going through sandstone over time, which caused the rock to be worn away and shows you the epitome of water erosion and the results of years of it. 

Antelope Canyon is one of Arizona’s most popular tourist destinations because it has such an interesting history and beautiful scenery that can’t be found anywhere else!

It’s always been a place where people go to see the beautiful scenery and enjoy a day of fun with friends or family. 

Its name derives from the antelopes believed to have grazed along the Canyon during winter many years ago.

The Canyon’s upper portion is located at approximately 4,000 feet. It has walls that rise 120ft above the streambed, and it is unique in the fact that both its entrance and its entire length can be accessed at ground level. This makes it an ideal choice for those with physical limitations or fear of heights.

The Canyon is located in Page, Arizona. It is both the most photographed and most visited slot canyon in the American Southwest. 

The Canyon’s two sections are Upper Antelope Canyon/The Crack and Lower Antelope Canyon/The Corkscrew. They are very popular with families, adventurers, photographers, and travelers all year.

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Individuals and families flock to Page in the spring and summer to see the spectacular light beams that make Antelope Canyon famous, so you will find some traffic during those seasons unless you want to pay a visit in August. 

The reason others decide to visit Page during the fall and winter months is to admire the stunning colors created by the two slots of canyon sections. 

Something to remark about this location’s history is that the Antelope Canyon is on the LeChee Chapter land of the Navajo Nation. 

The Navajo Tribe considers the place sacred and spiritual to their culture and way of living. They even stop to make sure they are in a respectful and appropriate manner before entering. 

The Navajo view Antelope Canyon as a symbol of Mother Nature’s gifts, time passing, and the realization that there is something greater and more than they are. 

The Canyon is blessed by the Navajo every four years. They give thanks for the unique shape it has taken and the natural elements that created it. 

Because of its significance to their heritage, it was made a Navajo Tribal Park by the Navajo Tribe in 1997. Since then, it has been only accessible with a permit.

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Why Is It Famous For? Visiting Antelope Canyon

Many would think: “why do I want to be in a narrow slot canyon in Arizona?” 

Well, it makes sense if we think about it, but those who haven’t visited it or taken the time to see a few photos of the place wouldn’t understand it. 

To begin with, we have said the same thing about other places, like “why are we here?” “Why do people pay for this?” and so on, and we have regretted and eaten our own words every single time. 

Every place is magic and beautiful in its own way. Some might be better according to your preferences and experience, but that doesn’t mean any of them is bad when it comes to locations like this one. 

Therefore, this is what you need to know about Antelope Canyon: it is worth the visit. 

The place is a beauty when it comes to photography, and people choose it as a destination to enjoy the magnificence of nature and how it is able to create such areas and wonders. 

In the Upper Antelope portion, summer light beams are stunning to feel and see since they shine through the walls and make people feel at ease every single minute. In fact, all the photos you will notice of the Canyon are focused on those elements.

Indeed, the Canyon is mostly about natural desert beauty. There isn’t much to see except some portions with specific history based on their formation and some stunning areas where the sunlight shines even brighter.

However, people love it because they feel safe, can see with their own eyes the desert without all the sand, and enjoy a day walking and exploring without many worries and guides that can lead the way.

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Things to Do (You Won’t Get Bored!)

Something we didn’t mention before is: Antelope Canyon isn’t all sand, rocks, and sunlight. 

We didn’t want to spoil the fun too soon since we knew you would be a bit overwhelmed with all the information as well. Besides, it is more fun to know it when you include what you can do when visiting. 

The place offers a fascinating experience thanks to what we mentioned before and due to all the amazing things you can do near the Canyon. 

You won’t be exactly inside, but only a few steps away, you can enjoy more experiences and make the trip more unique than it will be. 

Visiting Lake Powell is one of them, and if you didn’t know, it is a reservoir of the Colorado River. 

It is possible to book a hotel room to have a beautiful view in front of the lake and go for a swim or practice a few additional sports whenever you want and feel like it. 

The Navajo Village Heritage Center is where you can learn more about the native history by dancing, going over some programs, and having amazing tours through the places near the Canyon. 

Going to the Hanging Garden Hike to see the beautiful and stunning garden at its end, maybe choosing Horseshoe Bend, or going to Glen Canyon Dam Overlook are other tourist activities you would be interested in.

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Facts About Antelope Canyon You Should Know

  • The Canyon was carved by rainwater, and the wind polished its walls. It is possible to wonder how the Canyon managed to have such smooth walls. Wind’s properties are the key to unlocking the mystery. Strong winds can cause damage to the Canyon’s walls and polish its surface, removing any sands.
  • Due to a combination of iron oxide deposits and windblown sand, the Canyon shows various colors.
  • It is not known who first discovered the site. There are, however, some theories. One suggests that Native Indians fled the “Long Walk” in 1864 and sought refuge in Antelope Canyon. The second claim suggests that a young Navajo girl named Sue Tsosie discovered the site while herding her sheep in 1931.
  • During monsoon season, Antelope Canyon is dangerous. Because rainwater can easily flood the slot canyon, tourists’ safety can be at risk.

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