21 Quotes by Steve Aoki that Will Make You Dance

What do we know Steve Aoki for? As one of the best producers and DJs in the world, but many teachings and words he has shared with us can also help us remember him.

In our case, we find each of them fascinating because they motivate us to start a music career we don’t even want, to start the day off with the right foot, but also dance it off when anyone speaks ill of us.

His songs and quotes are a mood, and we are always down for it and figured they would be great motivators for your daily life.

But don’t think we forgot about something important: how to feel motivated to make money. We know our readers care about a tip or two to learn more about money and investing.

Although Aoki doesn’t share many spiritual and smart words about it, we think you will find more than one useful when it comes to adapting them to your life.

So, what about taking notes of one or two? We’re excited for these ones!

  • “The haters and the trolls have always used me as an excuse to make fun of something that is out of the ordinary, something that doesn’t necessarily make sense to them. For whatever reason, I have always been a target that people love to attack.”
  • “Extending our lives, extending our creativity, opening up the mysteries of the brain. All those things that are really exciting – that’s kind of the basis of ‘Neon Future’”.
  • “Self-discovery is so important in identity processing: who you hang out with, what clothes you wear, what shows you see. As a kid, I found out about things through friends. I would go to hardcore shows with 50 people.”
  • “Dance music is my love, is my passion, is my life. I live for my fans and take my art very seriously.”

Quotes by Steve Aoki #2 -

  • “I wasn’t sheltered or spoiled. All the money I made, I made myself.”
  • “My first job was working at Benihana as kitchen help. In college, I was a telemarketer for a company at the same time I was a bike messenger for this greasy fast-food place.”
  • “When I perform, I don’t think about the haters, the Internet trolls, or anyone else. I care about giving the person in front of me something they won’t forget. And that’s why I bring the cake and raft out.”
  • “Dance music is an emotional journey. It’s how well you can make people feel something that they haven’t felt.”
  • “No matter what I do, I can’t help but feel that I’m under a microscope. Some of it is completely silly, and some of it is meant to be hurtful. For example, a website accumulated all of my music videos to point out perceived Illuminati images. I loved that one. Of course, it was all ridiculous but funny.”
  • “There is the truth of what I have been told. There is the truth of what I have lived. There is the truth of what I remember.”
  • “Sometimes you need to stop the train. You need to step back. Because the work has to come from somewhere deep inside you. It can’t be rushed or scheduled – otherwise, you’re just going through the motions.”

Quotes by Steve Aoki #3 -

  • “Remember, you can’t engineer genuine. You can only be genuine.”
  • “Basically, you need to play to your strengths, instead of to the best-case scenarios you have in your head.”
  • “When we don’t have to think about surviving in the moment, we’re free to come up with ideas that move us, that move others, that move humanity forward.”
  • “But you have to hit it just right. If you’re too far out there, you’re not going to find an audience. If you’re lagging a little bit, then you’re tired, dated, behind the curve. You have to be just a little ahead of the trend, so you can spot what’s coming and shine just the right amount of light on it, at just the right time.”
  • “Funny the way music finds you when you’re a kid. It sneaks up on you. It’s in the air, in the mood of the room, all around. And then, when it happens in just the right way, it can get under your skin and hang with you for just about forever.”
  • “For me, I guess the general reason for using social media is that the connection I have with people who are interested in my music is extremely important to me. That connection is like the pillar in everything I do. I want to embrace that connection and make it stronger.”
  • “I got my heart in my hands while my head’s up in the clouds.”
  • “Faced with the lions, I felt the courage leading my heart.”

Quotes by Steve Aoki #4 -

  • Artists have so much more control of their futures – they don’t need to rely so much on major labels or big companies to help them. You have artists like Skrillex that can dominate so much that he gets 5 Grammy nominees, and he’s clearly an underground artist.”
  • “I always tell up-and-coming DJs you have to really love what you do and find that interest to drive you. It requires so much attention to detail, and it takes up a lot of your time. You hear a song, and there are so many little pieces that make that song work. It requires a lot of patience, diligence and resilience.”

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