Enrique Iglesias Biography

Is He the Real King of Latin Pop?

When it comes to Latin music and artists that have built their careers despite the odds, Enrique Iglesias is often at the top, and unlike what people think, no, it isn’t all thanks to his father. 

Maybe you are familiar with the name “Julio Iglesias” as it has broken many records in the music industry and remains a legend. He, himself, mentioned to his son that all his success is thanks to how popular he is (Julio). 

However, when learning about Enrique, you get to know how much he has worked for his success and how the Spanish singer, born to Isabel Preysler, a Filipina socialist and journalist, deserves what he has got today for himself. 

As every singer, he started low, but today has sold over 120 million records worldwide and even surpassed his Spanish father in terms of popularity. 

But besides all the music awards, what has he been doing with the money and hard work?

There’s a lot to still learn about the guy, and we are up for the challenge to show you that his interests aren’t only in music but rather in business too?

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Before Being the King of Latin Pop: Enrique Iglesias Early Years

Where should we start when we are going over a singer’s life? Probably where everything started: his childhood. 

As we mentioned earlier, Enrique was born to Isabel Preysler and Julio Iglesias, a famous Spanish singer, on May 8, 1975, in Madrid, Spain, and has two siblings. 

Enrique lived with his mother and siblings until December 1981, when Enrique’s grandfather was kidnapped. As a way to protect her children, Enrique and his brother were taken to Miami by their father to ensure their safety. 

Despite having both parents alive, Enrique attributes his many for being the one who raised her the most and gave unconditional love all this time. 

Following his life in Miami, since he and his brother didn’t return to Spain for a long time, Enrique was a graduate of Gulliver Preparatory School. Then he attended the University of Miami, where he studied business. 

However, the boy was always driving to music. Although there isn’t much information or details of how everything started or how he went from following a regular career and life to his music roots, he decided to drop out of college and pursue it. 

As an ex-college student with no money, he decided to borrow money from his mother to record his demo tape as he didn’t want his father to find out that he was a musician considering that their relationship was kind of stranded at this time in his life. 

Enrique Martinez was his stage name to record his music and jump to his efforts. He claimed to be from Guatemala to prevent any association with his father and ended up recording his first album in Toronto.

It wasn’t until July 12, 1995, that he decided to use his actual name and released his self-titled album. 

The album is a collection of soft rock songs that Fonovisa released, Mexico’s record label. It sold half a million copies within its first week. The record was also certified Gold in Portugal and went on to sell over a million copies the following three months. 

This feat is rare for an album that was recorded in another language than English. 

The album was released with five singles, including “Por Amarte,” “No Llores Por Mi,” and “Trapecista,” all of which reached the top of the Billboard Latin charts. During the next award ceremony, Iglesias won the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Performance. 

The following two albums by the artist were also released under Fonovisa and continued his popularity in the music industry. 

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Building His Big Career: From Small to Big Singer

Despite what most people thought, Iglesias’ success went on the following years. After all, the star continued to rise in 1997 with the release of his second album, Vivir (To Live), which earned him an American Music Award nomination in the category of Favorite Latin artist. 

Unfortunately for the young artist, he lost to, coincidentally, his father. Then, 1998 saw the release of Iglesias’ third album, Cosa del Amor (“Things of Love”). The release of this album consolidated his status as a Latin musician. It brought great success to his career and earned him more recognition in new countries and among other audiences.

He made sure to add a new goal: release an English album in his efforts. It was possible in 1999. 

This pop album, which featured Latin influences, includes a duet featuring Whitney Houston called “Could I Have This Kiss Forever,” which was a good hit among the older audience.

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Moving on in his life, we finally enter the 2000s, starting with his participation in the 2000 Super Bowl XXXIV as a performer during the halftime show. He was accompanied by Christina Aguilera and Phil Collins, making it one of the people’s favorite halftime shows of all times (let’s not forget that JLo & Shakira performance, though). 

This was followed by the release of his second English album, Escape, in 2001, and his fourth Spanish album in 2002 entitled Quizás (Perhaps).

His second English album was a huge hit, and to this date, the greatest commercial success of his career in terms of language. 

However, the followed album from 2002 also hit #12 on Billboard and sold over a million copies in a week. 

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By the time Enrique released his seventh album (without difference between English and Spanish) in 2003, he decided to take a rest until 2007 when he released the album “Insomniac.” And, as many Spanish and Latin artists tend to do, he released a compilation of his greatest hit in 2008 and followed it with an English compilation later that year. 

Successes along his career include hits like “Bailando” ft Descemer Bueno & Gente De Zona, which video has over 3 billion views on YouTube and was certified platinum multiple times. 

Although he has been a bit less active over the years, he continues to be a great influence. His success with collaborations and a couple of singles keeps him at the top of Latin music while adding “Sassiness” to English.

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Enrique’s Net Worth & Businesses: More Than a Musician?

What people know about Enrique today are a couple of facts: he is a multi-platinum pop icon, and selling over 180 million albums worldwide isn’t simple to surpass. In fact, it isn’t at all. 

He has truly placed his name at the top of the industry and is considered the most popular Latin artist in music so far. 

But there’s something we all know: he is making lots of money with his career and great success. 


The question is, does he do more than just make money with his music? 

Although artists are always into businesses at some point, we never know how much they make from other businesses or what they are even investing in. 

In the case of Iglesias, we can’t give you much information about it either. You see, the artist has never disclosed any information about being a proprietor of any company or business so far. 

Also, it is only logical to maintain finances in private, and well, we couldn’t dig that much into his life. 

However, we can share some details when it comes to where his money is in terms of properties and investments. 

Enrique Iglesias’ net worth is set at $100 million, and over 90% of it has been earned due to his albums and records sales over the years.

In addition to the fixed net worth we all know about, people don’t tend to consider real estate investments. 

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For Enrique, his biggest acquisition includes his 20,000 sq. ft. Miami home in Bay Point community and the six-bedroom house for his wife’s grandparents, which was 6,800 sq. ft. However, in the end, it was sold for a bit less than $5 million as they considered it to be way too big. 

Other investments involve his wife’s engagement ring, which costs $2.5 million, and a Gulfstream IV jet that is worth over $2 million. 

People commonly know about Iglesias is how much he loves cars and his collection, which is nothing small. 

Having owned a Porsche and other luxury brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari, he usually goes for the expensive sports cars. However, he has also sold them to contribute to UNICEF and other charities for good purposes. 

The amount of money spent on them is unclear, though. However, less than a million doesn’t sound right at all.

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Charity & Philanthropy: Talking About Social Impact

Since we mentioned some details about his donations, let’s focus on whether Iglesias likes to help others?

Since his early years in the industry, Enrique has made sure to support different music institutions and organizations, including Music for Relief, and directly donated to music schools or conservatories. 

Other foundations include The Salvation Army, Live Earth, and the City of Hope. However, the one to consider the most is UNICEF alone. 

He has given money through previous sales of his cars but also made sure to contribute by taking part in trips, working as an ambassador, and ensuring to support children’s rights and growth worldwide. 

He is even known as a “changemaker for children” as he has worked directly with the GRAMMY in the project of “Save the Children.”

Many foundations and causes have been added to his contributions over the years. Still, his advocacy for children and how he makes sure to do the best he can to provide better conditions and lifestyles cannot be denied. 

Despite not being entirely related to children alone, Habitat for Humanity and Special Olympics are great examples as foundations. 

Hunger relief is also one of his main goals, and he participates actively in big organizations and some events organized by him and his team.

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Build Your Own Career

When you think about Iglesias, his success is everything you will remember. At least, in the beginning. 

Of course, it will come all down to his music and how people continue to know him as Julio Iglesias’ son. Though, we believe that isn’t necessary since long ago. 

Now, as much as we like his music and would tell you to consider it (if you haven’t), we want you to focus on how much you could learn from him. 

Just think about it. From going over a simple career to dropping out of college and pursuing your dream after years. It definitely shows two things: 

  1. It’s never too late.
  2. You should aim for what you want. 

This is ever more real considering that people are trying to achieve similar goals for one reason in particular: making lots of money. 

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Written by Dame Cash

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