6 Best Gym Companies to Workout

Get Ready to Spend Money, or Better Stay at Home?

Are you part of the group of people who are trying to find another gym where they can spend their money on a membership they will barely use? Well, you will like this article. 

Jokes aside, we know there are people trying to find good places to workout without worries and focus on what they are there for. We understand it because we are part of a group that likes to spend 1 or 2 hours every day (but Sundays are sacred for us) exercising and socializing with others. 

Of course, we went through several memberships and gyms before deciding where we would stay, and let’s not talk about our journey about finally finding the liking to working out. It was painful but definitely worth it. 

Focusing on finding the right place, it can be hard to know where you can be comfortable not only to use the equipment and do your activities but also be part of a community that is only natural to be formed in this kind of environment. 

However, some gym companies forget to build more than people’s physical bodies and nurture their relationships in a great environment. 

Thus, if you are looking for a place where you can feel connected with others, workout without missing any space or equipment, and finally get used to the routine, we will be sharing the best gym companies you can consider in the USA and some other countries. 

Blink Fitness – New but Gold

Best Gym Companies to Workout #2 -

We are sure you will find it interesting, starting with one that adjusts better to today’s situation with the pandemic and measures that must be taken to spend time in those places. 

Blink Fitness is a very recent gym company (compared to others in this list) that is known for being budget-friendly. 

The Equinox Group founded it in 2011. Although the company owns several gyms around the country that can be considered high-end luxury options, this Blink Fitness option offers a low-cost membership to help people who want to give the services a try or find something affordable an opportunity.  

However, this means Blink Fitness is a bit simpler compared to others since it is a space that offers cardio, strength training, and stretching without a wide range of activities. 

Blink Fitness has a growing number of locations in New York and California, and thanks to its affordability and complete options despite not being many, people love it. 

Its current focus is on getting members back into the gym safely and promoting digital fitness services in the process.  

To do so, Blink Fitness offers the Blink App, virtual personal training, the Blink Blog, and live Facebook workouts two times per week. The company uses clever messaging and videos to assure members that they are safe returning to the gym and will be able to get their lives back slowly but surely. 

We have a very recent experience with the gym services since we decided to reduce the number of times we go to the gym weekly and instead focus on digital training, which hasn’t been disappointing so far. 

Of course, we would improve several aspects and elements, but this one is definitely at the top for people looking for a budget-friendly option since the price varies from $10 to $25 and doesn’t exceed the last number. 

However, you will need to choose between the different options, being the cheapest one the usual for only training and not being able to bring any guests.

Crunch Fitness – A Popular Option for a Reason

Best Gym Companies to Workout #3 -

As the subheading suggests, this option is quite popular among individuals throughout the country and for more than one reason. 

For starters, Crunch Fitness is a convenient gym that offers one of the best communities among companies in the niche, and we can confirm this as it is part of our favorite gym companies. 

Today, it has more than 350 locations across the country, and all of them offer a social aspect to working out and are open to all fitness levels. 

Gyms offer a wide range of cardio equipment and a variety of classes. These include Action, Restore, Cardio & Dance Ride, Chisel, and Ride. 

You can expect to find a wide variety of HIIT, functional, and bodyweight training courses, as well as Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing, at any location. 

The variety of the activities and classes you can take at any gyms is part of why so many people, both women, and men, prefer the space. After all, they are motivated to get out of their basic and common routines to experiment with different exercises and work out in a different light while socializing with the group fitness classes included. 

Basic membership is $10 per month and includes access to one location but no classes, which means you can only use the basic parts of the installation you are attending. 

The Peak membership gives you access to all 300+ locations and any class other than Ride (in-person and online) and costs about $25 per month. 

Crunch Signature Brand, which has more than 30 locations worldwide, enhances the experience for an additional fee of approximately $85 to $130 per month. It offers a full schedule of spin and yoga classes and upgraded amenities such as child care, steam rooms, towel service, HydroMassage, and appearances by DJs.

You can either choose the most basic option or focus on a specific service that will include the variety of classes offered and some amenities that can be worth it, depending on what you want and how much you can afford. 

Anytime Fitness – A Flexible Option

Best Gym Companies to Workout #4 -

When you need a gym that offers comfort, flexibility, and affordability, Anytime Fitness tends to be the first option for many individuals. 

In the case of this gym company, you can access it from different countries around the globe, and if you don’t like one location, there are many others nearby you can access for most of the memberships available. 

Anytime Fitness is known for its variety in equipment, including several dumbbells and barbells and kettlebells, cardio machines, and resistance bands. Women and men can use the same. 

There are also yoga mats available, along with the classes you can take in any location. 

Besides yoga, other classes like Zumba are included, though it lacks some additional activities for more active exercises and sports like cycling and boxing. 

Monthly membership costs vary depending on where you live; this includes the country but also the state. 

However, the average monthly is set at $35. There are also options to save money by signing up for 6-12 or 18-month memberships at certain locations.

Some locations in the USA have variations depending on the size of the gym, so you better request a tour and entire guide about what is offered before signing for it. Regardless, it continues to be one of the best gym companies to workout. 

Equinox Fitness Club – The Luxurious Choice

Best Gym Companies to Workout #5 -

Remember Blink Fitness and what we mentioned about being part of the Equinox Group? Well, it is time to introduce you to the original but also luxurious option. 

We don’t need to mention that Equinox, as good as it is because we have spent some of our time using several locations across the country; it is quite expensive as it is a high-end gym company and service. 

This is why it is a financial investment for those looking for a luxury gym and specific service. 

In the case of starting, we wouldn’t recommend investing in Equinox right away despite the company accepting all fitness levels. Why? Because people who sign up without experience are bound to quit and lose the money unless they are very compromised with the goal. 

The high-end offerings and the price tag make it a worthwhile investment for fitness enthusiasts more than someone else, so you might see this from a different perspective if you are someone with records in the topic and trying to find a new place. 

That being said, these gyms are often attracting a wealthy clientele due to their strategic locations, many of which are located near epicenters for corporate activity.

Equinox offers a wide range of classes in the case of the services, all taught by highly-trained instructors. After, you can shower in style in the state-of-the-art locker rooms, where you will find saunas and other pampering products from Kiehl’s.

Memberships can vary in price depending upon where you live. They cost between $120 and $250 per month with an initiation fee of $150 to $600. 

Lower fees or memberships include access to one location, while others include entry to all other locations in your area and all access to Equinox clubs throughout the US.

There’s also an Equinox app that is used by over 75% of current members due to its functionality. It gives you a complete overview of your progress, including check-ins and how many calories were burned in your last class or sessions. 

Although it is pricey, it is worth the investment if you are an enthusiast, will compromise to the task, or want to have a luxurious experience during your working out sessions (like us). 

Life Time – Old but Good

Best Gym Companies to Workout #6 -

Some options have been around for over a decade, and although they aren’t exactly luxurious as the previous option, they have a lot to offer, which is the case of Life Time. 

This gym company, founded in 1992, combines work, play, and wellness, and it has been a health club that aims to “change lives” since its inception and remains the same to this date. 

The brand’s main selling point is its wide range of amenities compared to other gym companies we have reviewed so far and many others we won’t be included on the list because, well, they don’t qualify. 

The amenities include pools for swimming along with Aquas classes. Spas and salons are also included in the options. 

One of our favorite parts is the state-of-the-art gyms that offer a variety of equipment, including cardio and weight machines, weight bands, weight lifting, and special equipment that cannot be found in another commercial gym. 

You can get a class schedule, and specific options like Life Barre and a RINGSIDE workout are offered by the company and are available at nearly all clubs.

Specific locations of the gym offer tennis and basketball courts as well as squash courts and rock climbing. Some even operate as boutique gyms, while others provide co-working spaces that enhance daily lives.

Finally, in addition to all this, Life Time also offers nutrition coaching, rehabilitation, and assessments.

With over 150 locations in the USA, you can expect to pay between $60 and $150 per month for a single location membership, or $75 to $250 for an all-location pass; this is without including an upfront fee you need to request information about. 

Orangetheory Fitness – Weird Name but Perfect Gym?

Best Gym Companies to Workout #7 -

Orangetheory is actually more than your regular gym since it is more of a boutique studio that offers hour-long and science-backed fitness classes in a gym setting with rowing machines and treadmills. 

The first time we had a look at it was quite interesting not only because of the orange color that can feel overwhelming in the beginning, but also a very interesting setup. 

If you ask us, Orangetheory is for the main goal in specific: To have a HIIT class you need. 

The gym’s popularity has grown exponentially, and today, it has over 1,300 locations around the world, and a large portion of them are located in the USA. 

The main goal of the activities and classes available is focused on fat-burning, which can be a bit hard for those trying to achieve the opposite goal. 

However, you can focus on the fact it provides a heart monitor for class participants to monitor their heart rate across different zones. To increase metabolism, reduce fat, and burn calories, the goal is to spend at least 12 minutes in “The Orange Zone,” which is what the company “sells” to its members. 

Finally, members are on a monthly basis. Monthly memberships cost $59 for four classes (Orange Basic), $99 for eight classes (Orange Elite), and $159 for unlimited sessions that is the Orange Premier option.

Best Gym Companies to Workout #8 -

The idea behind these memberships is the fact that members must take specific classes set by professional coaches and personal trainers that can guide beginners or people with experience equally when working with the upper body, full-body workout, or any other specific options, even if they include free weights or handle just your body weight to reduce or increase it. 

What to Do? – Choosing the Right Gym 

As much as we like to give some direct recommendations, it is pretty hard in this case. 

Choosing the gym where you want to workout can be a tough decision for four factors: 

  • Your budget or how much you’re willing to spend on gym memberships. 
  • Your goal for the gym: Lose weight, gain fat, tone up muscles, take part in specific activities, enjoy amenities in specific, and more.
  • Level of exclusivity you want or need. 
  • The most convenient based on location, price, flexibility, hygiene, and other aspects you can include. All at once without sacrificing any. 

What we can recommend you to do is to focus on determining what you want but also need based on the previous points. If you come up with an idea or answer for the implicit questions that come with them, you will be able to make a well-informed decision that isn’t only based on prices and what place you like the most aesthetically. 

In our case, we actually have two active memberships. One of them is for the Equinox Fitness Club, but we chose the gym membership that allows us to access specific classes, but not all the luxurious elements included in all locations since we don’t need them nor want to spend the money. 

The second and final membership is with Life Time since we enjoy the amenities in addition to the activities and classes included. We find it complete for OUR preferences and needs.

Best Gym Companies to Workout #9 -

Take the time to choose the right option, and if you aren’t entirely convinced with all the options we gave you, here are some extra ones you can consider (just remember to check the monthly fees): 

  • Gold’s Gym. 
  • LA Fitness.
  • Planet Fitness.
  • SoulCycle.
  • CycleBar. 

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Written by Dame Cash

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