Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise Review

Finally, a Franchise Worth Your Time or More Disappointment? (2022 Update)

Finding new business opportunities and helping to get started in a whole of independence and zero-hours working for someone else doesn’t have to be too difficult when you evaluate all your options. 

The tricky part will be to choose one out of all the opportunities based on what you can afford, do, and are interested in. Of course, without leaving aside the need to find the most suitable option in as many aspects as possible. 

Now, regardless of the business, most people decide to start, they usually have to deal with the process of getting started from zero and trying to work out with all the factors needed to make the business grow in the short and long term. 

Suppose you feel a bit pressured with starting and growing since no one said it is easy to handle a business from zero. In that case, franchising is a great alternative many entrepreneurs and future independent workers have been aiming for decades. 

It offers support, assistance, and you can get the best out of your effort in starting with a company with a reputation and not having to build it yourself from zero. 

But out of all the franchises out there, which one should you consider? Christian Brothers Automotive franchise is a top option for people in the USA and Canada due to how long it has been in business, the company’s reputation, and the type of niche it focuses on. 

If it so far sounds like something you would like to try or get to know a bit more, we are here to prove a franchise business review for this top franchise to let you know if it is truly the only or best option you have. 

Getting to Know Its History: Christian Brothers Automotive Origins

Taking the time to learn about what a company is aiming for and its entire background is the best thing you can do to determine whether it is what you’ve been looking for or not. 

Besides, every business has something to tell and a way to bring in more franchisees that could be interested in what they have to offer. 

Now, where does this leave us with Christian Brothers Automotive? In a very good spot, and you will understand it once going over the franchise’s history. 

Christian Brothers Automotive’s story began in 1981 when Mark Carr was working as a graphic arts salesman for a photo mural company. 

Although he was successful in his job and was very satisfied with his responsibilities, he always thought something was missing despite how much success he was enjoying during this time. 

As a result, Mark started looking for new opportunities and prayed to find a vocation that was more passionate than the one he had at the time. 

After this occasion, Mark was attending a Sunday school event hosted by his church when a friend approached him, and they began to talk. 

The friend was an auto technician and was interested in opening an auto repair shop for which he needed assistance.

This is how they came up with the idea of starting the company, and their new business was named Christian Brothers Automotive, after the circumstances of their first meeting. 

The first repair shop was established in Mission Bend, Texas, in August 1982, and this is when the future of the company started.

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Now, it is quite different to start a company and then make it successful, so how did Christian Brothers Automotive get started and grow over the years? 

The main reason lies in how customers noticed Mark’s lack of typical automotive service industry experience. 

Unlike others, Mark spent his time interacting with customers and ensuring that they received the repairs and attention they required, bringing the popularity they were looking for and how referrals started to grow.

However, there were some bumps along the way. Mark was prompted to take a closer look at the place after a customer complained about the conditions of the shop and the waiting areas.

After all, the main office and shop weren’t that comfortable for children or women to wait in while the cars were getting done since the sofas and waiting area wasn’t that comfortable. 

Thanks to this, Mark was inspired and quickly began to list the things customers disliked about having their car serviced. 

This list quickly grew to over 25 items, and Mark saw an opportunity to transform how Christian Brothers Automotive did business in order to stand out from the rest.

Now, customers can expect a clean, comfortable waiting area and a complimentary shuttle service to take them to their destinations when they need to be somewhere else. 

Other small touches will enhance the auto service experience. 

For instance, Mark and the rest of the team make sure to treat every customer with kindness, help with anything they might need, and allow them to be transported to a location when they are in a hurry after their cars broke down or something unexpected happened.

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Success & Franchising: When the Big Success Came

Following the story about the company, we still haven’t detailed how Mark and his team started franchising. 

After all, the previous part only included when the company was working as an independent business without franchisees involved and the stores that opened in several locations over the years and enjoyed consistent success. 

However, 1996 was a turning point for the business when a friend approached Mark to ask for help for him to open his own auto repair shop. 

Mark shared all he knew with the friend and helped him open the shop as he did his own. Within a year, the shop had outperformed Mark’s other shops.

Noticing this, he realized that the same principles and practices that he had used in his shops could thrive in other areas, even under different management. 

He decided to register as an auto repair franchise, and after doing this, Christian Brothers Automotive was able to open in seven additional locations.

Christian Brothers Automotive, which had 17 locations, had expanded beyond Texas to include new facilities in Oklahoma and Georgia. 

This number has risen to 50 locations, with some in Kansas, Missouri, Missouri, and Alabama, all within six years. 

It was evident that Christian Brothers Automotive’s commitment and dedication to quality auto repair and unsurpassed customer service resonated with families and communities all over the country.

Christian Brothers Automotive celebrated its 200th location after 38 years in business. That number has risen to over 230 locations as of 2021, and none of them has been closed, nor temporary or permanently, over the years.

This is thanks to more than 100 qualified and dedicated home office staff members trained by the company under the principles of the business and the ones Mark built for franchisees.

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Should You Put Your Money in It? – Franchise Investment

All right, we know very well that the investment you have to deal with is the art you think about the most when considering any business or entrepreneurship, and for franchising, it isn’t any different. 

You have to consider whether you like the niche, the business itself, and how much you will have to invest, so it is only logical to take your time deciding if this is your thing or not. 

With the Christian Brothers Automotive franchise, we will help you decide what to do based on the fees, rates, and expenses you will need to deal with initially and later on. 

Thus, stay for the right and don’t worry; we will include as many details as we can, and you need us to. 

For starters, Christian Brothers Automotive sets a required net worth at $250k, while cash is also needed and set at $85.000. 

Since the company and franchise are focused on a niche that is usually quite expensive, the initial investment ranges from $454.250 to $582.400, according to the company’s website.

The benefit of paying for investments with the franchisor is everything included in the “package” offered to start working as a franchisee. 

In the case of Christian Brothers Automotive, training, territory, and explanations about how to work with the company are provided.

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The training starts with a complete management training course that meets the franchisor’s ways to do things and ensures the company’s quality so far. 

Now, it isn’t mandatory to attend the training in the specific location the company is. Instead, you can have all the sessions online and complete the course for the certificate without anything else.

That being said, the territory means you get the store or location where you will offer the services. 

You can either work around real estate, build a new store, or rent one based on how the franchisor sets the conditions and what is available in your city to set as the office location. 

With this in mind, we can move on with the breakdown of the investment and the fees you have to pay. 

  • Initial franchise fee: $135.000.
  • Real estate and improvements: It is set at $0 for startups but then changes to monthly fees. 
  • Equipment and software: $205.000-$245.000.
  • Shuttle vehicle: $18.000-$33.000.
  • Shuttle vehicle wrap: $1.750-$3.400.
  • Inventory: $10.000-$11.000.
  • Security deposits: $5.000
  • Insurance and business license: $5.000-$35.000.
  • Marketing/Advertising (first year): $20.000-$30.000
  • New store opening marketing/advertising: $15.000-$20.000.
  • Additional funds (initial 3 months): $30.000-$40.000.
  • Pre-opening training travel/salary: $7.500-$10.000.
  • Other payments: $2.000-$15.000.

With this information, it is how you get to the initial total investment average we previously mentioned. 

However, you have to consider other fees that are included in the contract for, usually, a 10-year period to operate with the business as a franchisee. 

  • Continuing royalty fees.
  • Administrative and accounting fees.
  • National marketing fee. 
  • And much more.

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Pros & Cons: Deciding for Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise

Having reached this point means you are somehow interested in the business opportunity in front of you, and that’s more than all right. 

However, we want you to keep in mind that it is crucial to feeling comfortable with the franchising business model. Even when you will have support and reputation thanks to the franchisor, you don’t reach a complete state of independence. 

Why? Because revenues and the total owner benefit aren’t completely for your personal finances nor the business as a whole but rather share them with the franchisor. 

This means you are exchanging support, help, and a business reputation for the fees you have to pay all the time. 

Now, we still think it is a great investment, but we want you to have a closer look at the pros and cons to think about it a bit more:


  • You don’t have to start from zero nor alone. 
  • You earn the franchisor’s reputation, which is pretty good in the case of Christian Brothers Automotive, which saves you lots of time in building it on your own.
  • Training and administrative support are provided. 
  • Equipment, materials, real estate, and anything you might need to start and continue operating the business will be provided as well. 
  • You can start quicker than with most regular franchises. 
  • Either if you are from the USA or Canada, there’s no place where you can’t start as a franchisee with this business. 
  • The franchise agreement and franchise disclosure document are set for a decade. 


  • It can take over five months to finally start the business itself due to logistics and training factors. 
  • You have to pay fees and renew all the time. 
  • You can have a long journey before you start seeing your ROI and, of course, revenue.
  • It takes lots of work to be in this niche due to the responsibilities: Mechanical repairs.

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Better than Franchising? You Bet!

Although it can be difficult to find a business opportunity or model that will allow you to invest a small amount to get started, there’s still a possibility, so you just have to keep looking. 

Franchises are problematic because they tend to focus on physical stores or offices that come with lots of work hours. You also need to think about logistics such as transport, time, and equipment, and let’s not forget about the revenue that isn’t entirely for you. 

If you want a piece of advice: You can still find better options if you concentrate on digital opportunities and models that rely on the internet and can allow you to work at home. 

Because it is less expensive than franchises, lead generation is our favorite. 

It is easy to start at any time and work remotely. You will earn passive income as you grow the business.

You can still learn and manage lead generation even if you decide not to invest or become a franchisee. In short, you can either choose to focus on it alone or have both alternatives in your hands. 

Now, how does lead gen work?

It’s about generating leads by creating a website, ranking it on Google, and generating organic traffic. 

Organic means you don’t have to pay for it, and most of the steps can be done without investing that much money for every client you find to build and rank the site and then generate the leads. 

You generate money by bringing potential clients or customers to the company. They pay you for those leads generated through your efforts and services.

Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise Review #8 -

Even though it is basic, you still need to learn skills such as building websites and ranking them to increase organic traffic.

This #1 training program will get you started, and you can make money even before you finish it.

Step by step, you will learn how to:

  • Find clients and choose a niche.
  • Create websites.
  • How to rank them on Google or other search engines.
  • Based on your site and your efforts, generate leads
  • What price per lead is to be charged once you are done.

Are you interested already? Here’s more crucial info!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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