The ENTRE Blueprint Course Review: Jeff Lerner

Legit Business Opportunity or Another Way to Drain Your Money? (2022 Update)

There are so many scams nowadays that you’re worried that even a click means you end up falling in one. 

As a result, you can’t trust anything you read or see at first or even after giving it a second thought. 

Suppose you’re here and feel identified by what we just mentioned due to the ENTRE Blueprint institute by Jeff Lerner. In that case, we’re happy you came before deciding without knowing if you will regret it or not (usually, sooner than later). 

We can tell you in advance that nothing is like it seems and understanding why it takes a long review over each of the details for this course. 

What Is ENTRE Blueprint?

It is an all-inclusive training course that teaches you how to start and grow your own online business. 

However, if we want to talk about this course, we must mention that the platform ENTRE Institute can confuse you. 

Whenever you search for it, you will notice that ENTRE Blueprint is a course, but you’ll also be redirected to an online institute offered as a way to bring success to your life. 

To make it simple, Entre Institute is a non-profit organization that teaches people how to create a successful online business in affiliate marketing, eCommerce, or digital consulting. 

These three business models are all valid, and you can expect to make money with them when properly executed. 

The ENTRE Blueprint course consists of six steps that presumptively transform your life and help you create a profitable online business, as we mentioned initially.

ENTRE Blueprint Review #2 -

Who Designed and Created It?

Jeff Lerner created this online platform in 2017.

Jeff is a speaker, author, and a successful internet marketer (or that’s how he introduces himself). 

He tells the story of being drowned in debt and then kicked out of his home by his wife.

He was rumored to have $400,000 of debt before discovering digital marketing, which enabled him to pay off his massive debt in 18 months.

The issue with this creator isn’t around ENTRE Blueprint in specific but rather other courses he has designed and didn’t end up well. This is something we aren’t saying alone but also people on Reddit and many other platforms. 

Jeff is known for creating low-down, scammy courses such as:

  • My Hidden Pages.
  • Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.
  • 6 Steps to Freedom (a portal to Copy the Millionaire).

He also uses other methods to bring people to ENTRE, like his “Class with Jeff” option. He invites you through social media to other classes, which end up being for ENTRE Institute only, just like the course we’re covering.

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What Does ENTRE Blueprint Teach?

It consists of six steps where on each one, you are provided with the theory behind success for an online business. 

Unlike what many people believe, this isn’t a course to learn how to start your business in specific but rather about the institute’s principles. 

This is why we found it crucial to mention ENTRE Institute and point out that it is all about bringing people to it. 

If you visit the website, you will read that ENTRE Blueprint is their upfront training course that ONLY teaches principles and introduces you to the previous three business models we mentioned (affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and digital consulting).

The goal is to encourage you to start a new business in any of those three areas and help you determine how things can get done. 

However, if you were expecting a step-by-step in terms of how to start, develop, and launch your idea, that won’t happen. 

The breakdown of the course (however) includes videos that focus on: 

  • Transform different aspects of your life: physical, personal, and professional.
  • Learn about three types of businesses that are profitable.
  • How to choose the best business model for you.
  • You have to the ENTRE community and a business advisor. 

Although the entire idea looks amazing, you will notice one thing: it is all about motivation and support. 

In other words, Jeff is only trying to motivate you to take the next step in your life about choosing an online business. 

There are no secrets shared, just some advice on getting started and choosing one of the models he introduces you to.

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ENTRE Blueprint Real Goal & Cost

When you think about paying $39 for a course introduced as a way to make money with an online business, you wouldn’t usually doubt spending the money. 

After all, you have to start somewhere when it comes to learning how to get things done and work around a model that can make you the money you want. 

However, we won’t get tired of mentioning this: ENTRE Blueprint isn’t for that. 

It is hard to know that this course isn’t an actual way to start a business but rather a motivational class found in any motivation book you buy in stores. 

It is a bit harsh to compare it to them, but it is the closest example we can give you. 

Therefore, you have to consider that this course’s real goal is to bring you into ENTRE Institute. What does this mean? 

The institute offers a wide range of courses, and the goal is to make you sign for not only one but several of them. 

If you don’t believe us, just consider the steps and classes included in Blueprint alone: 

  • Lesson 1: Jeff teaches you four pillars to build an “awesome” life by having financial freedom. 
  • Lesson 2: goes over three steps you have to follow to achieve success in the business.
  • Lesson 3: based on the course introduction, you learn “how to build your legacy.”
  • Lesson 4: explains affiliate marketing. 
  • Lesson 5: Jeff compares eCommerce with another business model. 
  • Lesson 6: your business advisor provides information about how to build the business. 

So far, we’re confident you think this is all worth it, but once you enter the course, you will listen to this quite often, “to get further information, our ENTRE course is the next step.”

ENTRE Blueprint Review #4 -

We won’t deny Jeff goes over important matters and that motivation is crucial for a business, but you want to make money, not have someone tell you “you can do it” all the time. 

Therefore, you end up paying $39 for this introductory course, but you have to pay extra fees for other options like ENTRE Nation Elite which costs $348 a year. 

Others like ENTRE Digital ($1.997), ENTRE Results ($15.000), and ENTRE Inner Circle ($29.997) will be pushed into you in order to “make money” and continue your lessons. 

In total, you end up spending over $30k easily and for content that isn’t worth it because the entire ENTRE Institute is questionable, and you could invest that money in other business opportunities or courses that start at $19. 

Pros & Cons: Why & Why Not Pay for It

As bad as it can look, the course does have its strong points: 

  • You get motivated in order to start your online business. 
  • You’re introduced to 3 ideas that actually work. 
  • Having a personal advisor is important, and other courses should include it. 

However, when we consider the previous observations about ENTRE Blueprint’s real goal and what you will end up learning, there are many more cons than pros: 

  • You aren’t going to make money, thanks to what you learn in the course. 
  • It is only introductory. You have to pay for other packs or plans to learn the real thing. 
  • $39 isn’t expensive, but the rest of the institute is. 
  • Jeff and all his companies have created a lot of negative fuss on the Interner, with people claiming it is all a scam (very bad reputation). 
  • There isn’t much information about him and the instructors rather than the one he provides on the website. 
  • The information provided in Blueprint can be found online and for free. 

An Option Worth Your Money

If you’re looking for a course that won’t end up in a disappointment like the ENTRE one (yes, we classify it as one), focus on those that can make you earn money before or right after you finish them. 

For this, you might need to learn about business models available and how you can work around them. 

However, rest assured that many online options are open for you, and it is all about choosing the most suitable one. 

In our case, we have found lead gen to be quite profitable at a very affordable cost. 

This business model is completely online, and the money you will spend in the Jeff course can be invested in it easily and without too much effort. 

Before you decide to focus on it, it is logical to know how it works: 

  • You get to choose a niche in your local area. 
  • Start contacting companies or small businesses in it to find clients. 
  • When finding one, your role is to build the site for this client. 
  • Rank the site on Google and generate organic traffic. 
  • This organic traffic will be converted into leads, which will turn into clients for your customer. 
  • You earn money PER lead and without having to do anything else after building, ranking the site, and generating the leads-

ENTRE Blueprint Review #6 -

However, skills are required to make this business profitable: copywriting, know how to build websites, ranking them, find clients, generate leads constantly, and more. 

A training program is required but make sure it takes you from the basics to the final steps of making money with it. 

This #1 training course can help you even if you aren’t familiar with any of the terms we have mentioned so far, and don’t worry, it will be worth your time and very few bucks.

More info? Here’s where you can find it!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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