MaidPro Franchise Review

A ‘Clean’ Investment or Dirty Financial Downside? (2022 Update)

Cleaning needs to be done every single day. After all, we are constantly cleaning something.

This is why franchises like MaidPro are helpful and great ideas if you want to be independent, earn more money, or gain economic freedom. They are gold mines!

But is it genuinely worth starting one? Will it help you make money? Let’s go over this.

MaidPro History – America’s Most Popular Cleaning Franchise

MaidPro is a cleaning franchise that opened its first office in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill in 1991.

But the idea came a few years earlier when Mark Kushinsky, its founder, was looking for a better cleaning service than what he was never able to find after being disappointed with more than one (which were also expensive).

After sharing his experience with Richard Sparacio (his close friend), they thought about this brilliant idea to solve the problem: creating and founding a cleaning company themselves.

Thanks to this, MaidPro was born.

The first office was opened with just two employees. But in 1992, the company was already cleaning over 1,000 homes, and things just went uphill for the two friends.

In 1993, MaidPro launched MPU (MaidPro University). And in 1994, MaidSoft came live as the proprietary service management software of the company to start being sold in 1996 under the name ‘ServiceSEO.’

During the same year, Mark Kushinsky also stepped down as CEO to become the company’s chairman of the Board. While in 1997, MaidPro starts franchising all over the USA.

In 1999, MaidPro got a big break when the company could land a contract with Marriott International and have ever since been servicing most of their hotels in North America.

By the same year, the company (now franchise) had 5 locations in the United States, which continued expanding and led to over 130 locations across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica as of 2021. And more than 200,000 clients worldwide.

Over the past 20 years, the franchise became an official nonprofit organization. Forbes ranked it as the #2 best franchise to own in 2015 and continues to gain recognition and expand its net worth.

What Are Their Services?

MaidPro provides many services, but of course, everything is about cleaning: homes, offices, buildings, any property that comes to mind.

The specialty and best part about the company lies in the fact that it offers tailored packages for any budget and needs (you can change it depending on how often you want their service). Some examples are:

– Housecleaning: You get cleaning once every week or every month.

– Move Out Cleaning: For when you’re moving out of your home.

– Spring Cleaning: When the weather is changing, and dust accumulates more often, this service helps remove it from your home or office.

The company also provides other services such as carpet cleaning, window washing for offices, and more.

And the options continue coming according to what you want the company to do for you and the plans they have as standards (which you can choose anytime). 

How to Make Money with MaidPro

Now, are you interested in their services? You may be, but we are sure this is not the reason why you are here. Instead, it is about how you can make money with them.

One of the main options MaidPro offers nowadays is a franchise opportunity. And this is what we’ll be talking about for the most part.

The franchise opportunity has a price of $20.000 (initially).

However, it depends on the option you are aiming for in terms of having a simple and small business or maybe an enterprise.

You have to keep in mind the additional working capital and the fee based on the number of offices you’re planning to open as well.

But overall, it includes all you need to start your own company with MaidPro:

  • Training on how to run a business,
  • Hiring workers (either in-house or through subcontractors),
  • Information on marketing,
  • Tips from Mark Kushinsky and Richard Sparacio on how to grow a company,
  • A lot of other things you need (from buying equipment to getting insurance) as well.

Besides that, the franchisee also gets:

– A territory with assigned clients within 400 miles radius from their location (the franchisor will provide marketing materials for the region).

– The exclusive right to sell the MaidPro service in that area.

– A free franchise kit with a lot of information about how everything works and operates.

The company also has an online portal called MyMaidPros for all those who are interested.

In other words, you get the chance to start your own business, but without having to start entirely from zero.

Of course, as a franchisee, you will have to offer all the services available (like the previous ones mentioned) and make sure the support service is always online for your clients.

You will be the image of MaidPros in your location.

MaidPro Franchise Review #2 -

Is It Worth Investing in It?

The short answer is it depends. The long answer is that if you are looking for a way to make money, then the franchise opportunity is worth investing in as long as you can afford it.

The initial fee is $20.000, but you have to consider other expenses while you get trained, establish the office, and are finally able to launch the office, which can be expensive.

However, if you are looking for a way to invest in your future and the company interests you, then it will be worth investing in MaidPro as long as money is not an issue for you (remember: $20k+ or more like $50k+).

The franchise opportunity with this company has several benefits, but the disadvantages can also be lined up. Therefore, when you think about getting started as a franchisee, consider everything.


  • Indeed, it’s not only about making money but also have an established company that is recognized as one of the best franchises to buy nowadays,
  • Earn extra income through cleanings,
  • Build strong relationships with homeowners and businesses,
  • Increase referrals and clientele by being open to new clients



  • You must be careful with your first steps and ensure that you are not breaking any rules (prohibiting the franchisee from going over their area, for example) or doing anything against MaidPros’ policies. You also should always provide customer support 24/hrs a day since it is one of the strengths of the company,
  • It takes over three months to launch the franchise,
  • Investing in a MaidPro franchise is risky.
  • MaidPros does not offer refunds, so you have to think twice before investing your money into the company because you might end up losing more than what you started with.

Is MaidPro the Only Option?

Every business takes time and effort, but a cleaning franchise can be more than you can handle or afford.

As we have mentioned (several times), it is not affordable for most people but rather a significant investment, although it is profitable.

We find real estate investment to be a better option than a cleaning business.

But what is so good about real estate? Before that, you need to know it is not traditional but somewhat digital, and this alone makes it ten times better.

It will not leave you bankrupt but instead, allow you to save a lot of money in the process—no $20k+ required at all.

But what is this digital real estate all about? It is simply a way to make money passively, and it’s always guaranteed because you are not taking any investment risk.

You only have to find and collect small businesses’ contact information and help them to build small and simple websites that can rank at the top of the Google search.

Essentially, you are just helping these businesses grow by bringing leads and turn them into clients—that simple.

It is hard to figure out how this will make you a lot of money, but just imagine this: you have an asset and get paid whenever the business obtains a new client. 

The best part? You do not have to invest time in it constantly. Once the website is done and ranked, money comes by itself.

But what about the cleaning business? You will find digital real estate to be helpful as well.

After all, who does not need to bring leads and clients? You are not in that group for sure! So, you can use it to boost your business as well (or just bet on both alternatives; we won’t tell anyone!).

MaidPro Franchise Review #3 -

Get Started & Make Money

If you are thinking of going for it, focus on the training you need to acquire the required skills and be successful.

We recommend a training program that goes over every step (and we consider it to be #1, it does not miss anything).

It takes you from how to contact small businesses to building the sites and ranking them.

There is a lot involved in this digital business. Getting familiar with keywords, on-page optimization, and other elements will be

critical, starting by knowing a few tricks that will save you money (sometimes, you won’t use a single penny).

Sounds good? It sure does! And you won’t regret investing your time.

We know you got a lot of questions.

And you can find the answers here…

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Written by Dame Cash

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