11 Top Haunted Houses

Deathly Experience or Must Visit?

Whether you love or hate supernatural stories and wish for them to happen to you or not, the truth is we cannot avoid being a bit curious about them and all the activity surrounding certain places around the world. 

We wouldn’t consider ourselves to be fans. Still, we have to admit there’s a certain curiosity and fascination behind knowing some stories and probably trying to research more in order to understand what places we should avoid at all costs. 

It sounds a bit funny to say it like this, but you better be informed about the good and bad things. After all, most (if not all) of these places are haunted for a reason: murders and crimes. 

Now, we know there are many fans of haunted places, especially houses that seem to hide more than the big castles from history and some superb yet creepy locations worldwide. If you ask us, we feel like houses tend to be scarier considering that ours could become one of them if something happens. 

So, we look at them a bit more relatable but more interesting at the same time. 

For the latter reason, we decided to cover some of the most haunted houses in the world, which you will notice that many could be closer to you than you thought. 

Myrtles Plantation, United States

Haunted Houses #2 -

The mansion of Myrtles plantation is located in St. Francisville, north of New Orleans. A 125-foot veranda surrounds it. 

Through the stained-glass front door, you will find a grand foyer with a large French crystal chandelier.

At first sight, you will find the mansion to be a beautiful place to live in. Actually, if it wasn’t for the circumstances surrounding it, we would have chosen it as a traditional yet stunning house to reside in. 

However, we cannot ignore that there were ten murders in the mansion, so it is not surprising that there have been many ghost sightings. 

The most well-known was Chloe, who had her ear cut off by her lover. People have seen her wearing a green turban while she peers intently at people in bed. She has even been photographed. 

Another photo shows a young girl known as “Ghost Girl,” peering through the house’s windows. 

Other eerie sights include a child jumping on the beds, a soldier, and a voodoo priestess. The ghost of a former owner, who was shot in his chest, has been heard stumbling up the stairs, where he died.

Most people consider this house the most haunted in America, but despite this, it is now a charming Bed and breakfast with 12 rooms, and you can choose from daylight or evening ghost tours. 

Carl Beck House, Canada

Haunted Houses #3 -

Carl Beck is located in Ontario and was built by a Canadian lumber magnate who dreamed about this picturesque country house.

Mary, his oldest daughter, assumed the headship of the household after his wife passed away. She was responsible for raising her younger siblings and left with all the responsibilities that involved them. 

However, her father left her just one dollar in his will. The rest of the property was divided between the siblings she had given up her life in order to care for them.

Carl Beck House guests reported that they saw a suited-up man chased by an angry woman in a dark-colored blouse and skit. Guess who they are?

Despite many people sharing similar stories and sights, many others want to visit the house and stay for a night (or two). If you are included, it can be rented in Airbnb starting at $98 per night. 

You don’t have to be afraid of many competitors tho. This house often ranks high on the list of most haunted Airbnb properties.

Casa de Poesía Silva, Colombia

Haunted Houses #4 -

This house is located in Bogota’s Candelaria neighborhood. It was home to José Asunción Silva, a great Modernist poet. 

He was well-known for his morbidity and suffered many personal tragedies, including the death of Elvira, his beloved sister.

He also lost many of his most valuable works during a shipwreck, being over 80% of the handwritten manuscripts he loved.

José was a very young man, only 30 years old when he died in the house in 1896. Since he was well-known in the country, the property was designated a national monument in Colombia in 1995 for its historical significance.

Silva is believed to haunt his home. Many people have reported hearing him murmur under his breath in several rooms during the day or night. 

Some people have also claimed to have seen him in what used to be his bedroom while also hearing some members of his family. However, this last part isn’t confirmed by many. 

Villisca Axe Murder House, United States

Haunted Houses #5 -

Located in Villisca, Iowa, this house follows the old style you could find back in the early 1900s, but what we care about is the tragedy behind it. 

On June 10, 1912, the entire Moore family, Josiah, Sarah, and their four children were bludgeoned and two other guests the family had at the time of the crime. 

All this happened inside their quiet home. 

Despite all these years, the case is still unsolved, and due to the very little technology available by the date, detectives and government entities couldn’t investigate further. 

It is impossible to go over the case with over a century since any evidence and items found are to worn out to be identified. Also, their murderers should be dead by now. 

The house is preserved exactly as it was during the night of the tragedy, and people pay over $400 to stay the night and experiment with the ambiance. However, the property doesn’t have electricity nor any basic service. 

Do you want to give it a try? Well, be warned that a paranormal investigator wound up stabbing himself by morning in 2014 while staying in one of the rooms. 

LaLaurie House, United States

Haunted Houses #6 -

You will notice that this country is full of haunted places but especially houses in every single state. 

One of them with many stories (very sad and tragic ones) is this house in New Orleans. 

It takes us back to 1831 and 1834 when killer Madame Delphine LaLaurie had a torture chamber for slaves. She murdered dozens, and although she presumptively did this within the previous years mentioned, some argue she started before what authorities believe. 

Since responders to a fire uncovered her secret, the story didn’t take long to be one of the most horrible ones that result in a haunted house to this date. 

Her victims haunt the house, and many passersby can hear shouts, moans, and weeping while also feeling chills whenever they are too close to the property. 

Some say they have even seen ghostly faces from the windows, usually the upstairs ones. 

Although the ghostly history is surrounding this place, many wealthy people buy it without hesitation, including Nicole Cage back in 2007. 

House of Death, United States

Haunted Houses #7 -

New York is a big city, and thus, you cannot expect it not to have a haunted house to complete the pack it represents for tourists and residents. 

The Hosue of Death is a brownstone located on the fifth avenue and is considered one of the most haunted ones since over 20 ghosts terrorize it, including the famous writer Mark Twain. 

Many people have claimed to see Twain in some rooms and while looking at the property’s windows. 

However, many argue that the most heartbreaking story and ghost belong to a six-year-old little girl beaten to death by her father, Joel Steinberg, criminal prosecutor. All this back in 1987. 

Other claims and people’s stories include a lady in white (we have to admit this is typical) and a gray cat. 

House of the Seven Gables, United States

Haunted Houses #8 -

Have you ever heard of Salem? Even people outside of the USA know about it, and this house happens to be in the center of everything. 

Located in Salem, Massachusetts, the house has a long story considering the Salem Witch Trials events that unfolded from 1692 to 1993 in which 19 innocent people died by being executed due to people’s paranoia about witchcraft. 

Fortunately, this number of people executed is lower than expected, considering that over 200 people were accused of witchcraft, and not all of them met a happy end. 

How does this involve the house? John Turner Jr., its owner at the time, built a hidden staircase in the mansion to hide his sisters from those trials and prevent them from meeting a horrible fate. 

The name of the house came from the famous novel with this title that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote. 

Since the house is one of the few that remains intact with some renovations and changes over the years since the Salem Witch Trials took place, it is heavily associated with paranormal activity. 

Many claims to have seen spirits of children, previous owners, and some rare activities take place like lights turning off on their own and the feeling of uneasiness while being inside. 

The Lemp Mansion, United States

Haunted Houses #9 -

This haunted place is famous for its tragic past and is one of America’s most haunted houses. 

William Lemp, a successful brewery entrepreneur, built the 33-room house in the 1860s. He died in 1904, after Frederick, his youngest son, had died. 

The tragedy behind the now haunted places starts here: Frederick killed himself. Not long after, his wife died from cancer in the home. 

In 1922, William Lemp Jr. shot himself in the exact same room where William Sr. had died.

As if this weren’t enough tragedy, Charles Lemp, William’s third son, shot his dog in the basement and then committed suicide in his own room. The house was then sold and turned into a boarding home, where hauntings were reported. 

According to Destination America, witnesses have experienced burning sensations and slamming doors.

The Lemp Mansion is now a restaurant that also hosts events, and you can visit anytime.

Jean Harlow House, United States

Haunted Houses #10 -

Los Angeles is a great place to hunt for haunted houses, and if you don’t believe us, just look at this Bavarian-style home located in Beverly Hills. 

It was the home of Jean Harlow, an iconic actress, and Paul Bern, her abusive husband. In 1932, he shot himself in his head standing in front of the mirror. There were many rumors that he was not actually dead. 

His butler found him and called MGM rather than the police, leading to rumors and stories that didn’t involve suicide but rather a murder. 

Many believed Bern’s ex-girlfriend was the culprit. This suspicion was exacerbated when she jumped off a boat to her drowning death two days later. 

Jean was able to move on from the tragedy. However, she died not long after, at the age of 26.

Is that it? Well, this is indeed enough material for a haunted house, but it gets better (depending on how you see it). 

Jay Sebring, a celebrity hairdresser, bought the house in 1963 and lived there until Sharon Tate left him for Roman Polanski. 

They were close friends and continued to be so until their deaths by the Charles Manson cult. Tate was exactly the same age as Harlow at her death.

Back to the Harlow House, where the couple lived. Tate shared horror stories about the Harlow House with friends and was even quoted in interviews. 

One example was when Tate was alone in her master bedroom; she saw a “creepy little guy.” According to her friends, she believed that it was Paul Bern’s ghost. After seeing the ghost, she was so scared that she ran from the room. 

She then saw a shadowy corpse hanging in the hallway with its throat cut. Two other deaths occurred in the pool over time, according to stories.

Lui Family Mansion, Taiwan

Haunted Houses #11 -

This beautiful home built in 1929 in Baroque style could easily be envied by many.

The Minxiong Ghost House (aka the Lui family mansion) is a place with another heartbreaking story to share. 

Located in the Taiwanese countryside, it’s been abandoned since the 1950s when the family fled without second thoughts and lived the place without any preparations. 

Like all mysterious places, there’s plenty of lore around the family and why they left the place when you just look at its beauty even when in chambers.

According to local legend, the family’s maid had an affair with Liu Rongyu, her employer, and she jumped down the well to her own death when it was discovered.

However, can we actually know if it was a suicide and not someone providing a push to let her meet her faithful fate? We can’t. 

This is why many believe she returned to haunt the family until they decided to leave. 

It was then occupied by the Kuomintang of China, a group of people who were believed to have committed suicide in the place, which exacerbated its reputation for being haunted.

Regardless of who you ask among the people who have visited the place, they all claim to have seen many ghosts and feel uneasy while near it.

Villa de Vecchi, Italy

Haunted Houses #12 -

Villa de Vecchi is creepy regardless of how you see it.

It only took us to see the looming fog blanket and feel how it sends chills through our spine even when we haven’t even visited it. 

This place is known as the “House of Witches,” located near Lake Como in Italy, dates back to 1854-1857 when it was built as a summer home for Count Felix De Vecchi. 

Unfortunately, the family could only stay there for a few years as their lives were tumultuous right after its construction.

The architect died a year after the construction. In 1862, Count De Vecchi returned home to find his wife murdered and daughter missing. After a year of searching for her and without any results, he committed suicide. 

The home was then occupied by his brother, who later moved in with his family. It has been vacant since the 1960s. However, this story gets creepy when in 2002, an avalanche destroyed all other houses in the neighborhood… except this one.

Many people claim to feel shivers when getting close to the house, and although not many have stayed the night, hundreds wouldn’t like it. 

Creepy Enough for a Visit?

That’s a weird question to ask. We know. 

However, many people would die to visit one of those places, and we just hope they don’t literally die in the process. 

As we mentioned initially, we don’t love haunted houses and places overall, especially considering the tragedies that made them popular nowadays. 

But unveiling some stories or reading about them can be a bit addictive even when you won’t be able to sleep for a few nights. 

We can tell you that each of them is creepy enough for us NOT to visit.

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