Enagic MLM Review

Hydrating Your Profits or Walking Straight to a Desert? (2022)

It can be hard to believe, but did you know there are hundreds of MLM (multilevel marketing) companies out there to the point of making it hard for you to choose one to work with? 

We know most people are knowledgeable about the most popular and common ones like Herbalife, Amway, and ByDzyne. Still, when we go over the list of the actual businesses available following this model, you can be overwhelmed with all the details. 

Now, you must be wondering if there’s actually a difference between all of them. After all, don’t they follow the same business model that is about selling products, offering services, and earning commissions? 

The essentials and basics are the same, but the plans, compensations, and how the company designed its specific system will be completely different every single time. Thus, it is important to review the MLM business you are considering or being introduced to. 

This means you have to learn more about Enagic individually, even when the main structure of the company follows an MLM model. 

We are very familiar with this company, and if you are up for the journey of learning a bit more before jumping to what you are being offered or satisfying your curiosity, we have the answers and details you’re looking for. 

Understanding Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

We need to clarify that MLM or direct sales companies aren’t scams, but it isn’t weird if you think they are. 

Before jumping to Enagic and letting you know what the company is, we have to make sure you are aware of what multilevel marketing is all about. 

This business model focuses on a pyramid structure in which you have to create a downline and layers of recruits or members you have brought to the company you are a member of. 

The companies using this system are focused on earning revenue based on what they call “independent distributors” who are in charge of selling the products for them and recruit new distributors to earn more commissions and have a bottom line.

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We are sure you noticed this: It is very similar to what people know as an illegal pyramid scheme. 

However, the main and most crucial difference with the scam we all know this pyramid offers are is that MLM businesses work with actual products and services. In contrast, illegal pyramid schemes only focus on recruiting others based on some offers that aren’t even real. 

Multilevel marketing is indeed very questionable, and not all companies based on this structure are good options to invest your time and money. 

This is why you need to review each of them separately. The compensations and commissions plans established always vary, and you can find better opportunities instead of the regular or usual ones. 

What Is Enagic? – Knowing Its Founder & Purpose

With the basic concept about MLM, we can finally focus on the crucial part and why you are here: Learning about Enagic

It is unnecessary to remind you that this company works with the MLM system, but we need to get into these details when it comes to what it is, what it offers, and who founded it. 

Enagic or officially known as Enagic International is a Japan-based MLM water filter company that main mission is to allow people to drink healthier water and provide all the products and tools for it to happen. 

Since its founding, the company has become one of the very few manufacturers that work with alkaline water ionizers to make was is known as Kangen water and is focused on hydrogen-rich drinking water purposes. 

The company was founded in 1974 in Okinawa, Japan, and its history and success have come a long way. On the company’s website, you can find details about each year and how everything has evolved. However, no more than a few words are provided for specific times.

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The part we are interested in mentioning is that the Enagic USA was founded in 2003. Since then, they have grown to be an international company in other countries and continue to have the Japanese but also American market as the main targets. 

As for its founder, Hironari Oshiro is the man behind the project and the current president and CEO of Enagic USA but also other main offices globally.

Enagic has seen exponential growth in recent years with his supervision, and the American market has boomed during the last three years. 

The company offers water filtration and alkaline ionizers, as previously mentioned. Still, they offer healthier water by using the products to convert tap water to electrolyzed, reduced, and hydrogen-rich water.

According to the company’s statement, they have their main production plans in Japan, and the business is ISO-certified in all quality control processes. 

In addition, each machine or product is hand-assembled by skilled artisans. The machines are then tested and certified by highly-trained QC technicians.

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How to Get Started with Enagic

Usually, we would go over the section explaining how this company works. However, we don’t find it necessary since multilevel marketing has been explained briefly yet with the mention of the essentials previously. 

Thus, you only need to remember that Enagic follows this business model, which means it works around retail sales, distributors, commissions, recruitments, and compensation plans. 

But to enjoy all the benefits the MLM company mentions to offer; you will have to join first. 

For starters, Enagic is one of the few MLM companies that doesn’t set as many conditions nor requirements for someone to start as a distributor. 

Instead, and following the information on their website, the business states that it costs nothing to become an Enagic distributor. 

There are no sign-up fees or monthly qualifications, but for only a few exceptions and options, stocking of inventory is not required either; there are no annual renewals and no time limitations. 

However, the trick starts here as well: You will need to purchase the company’s products for approximately $4,000 in order to get started as a distributor.

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Basically, you need to invest the initial fee in acquiring a product or package offered by the company since you don’t have to stock inventory. Still, you do need to have something available when starting. 

You will notice that Enagic products aren’t cheap considering that this water treatment and tools are among the most expensive ones, which leads to having to invest thousands instead of only a few bucks. 

Although Enagic benefits from not requiring the usual fees and rates for being a distributor, it is mostly because of the product prices and how you need to get started with the initial thousands of dollars needed. 

A Look at Its Products: What Enagic (& You) Sell

We don’t have to say you will have to sell the products if you decide to join the company. Thus, it is natural for us to include this observation here. 

Whenever you are considering a business option, you need to make sure the products offered to align with certain factors: 

  • If they are too expensive or, instead, affordable. 
  • Can you sell them to the target audience or people you usually socialize with? 
  • Are they actually useful or something people might need? 
  • How can you handle the selling and recruiting processes with them? 

With this in mind and the next information about the products you will be working with, you should know whether this MLM company is something you can handle by yourself. 

Enagic offers (to this date) eight different models for water filtration, which vary in prices and what they offer. 

After all, one of the models cannot produce other but one type of alkaline Kangen water, while the others can produce five different types.

Enagic MLM Review #6 -

With nothing more to say, these are the specific products the company offers: 

  • Leveluk R: $1,980.
  • Leveluk Junior II: $2,380. 
  • The Anespa DX: $2,890. 
  • Leveluk SD501: $3,980. 
  • Leveluk SD501 Platinum 5-language: $4,280. 
  • The K8: $4,980. 
  • Leveluk SD501U: $4,980. 
  • Leveluk Super 501: $5,980. 

The previous products correspond to the section or category of the company related to producing Enagic Kangen Water since they are the machines available as previously mentioned. 

However, Enagic also offers an “Ukon” alternative that focuses on complementary solutions that can help the body in clearing your skin, boost brain power, help as an anti-inflammatory, and reduce pain. 

These products usually range from $25 to $2,000 and include supplements, tea, sigma, soap, combos with different products, and other options in bulk.

Enagic MLM Review #7 -

Earning Profits: Enagic’s Compensation Plan

All MLM companies follow two main options to allow distributors to earn money: Sell the products, and recruit people to build a downline we previously mentioned that will earn you commissions based on what they sell and people recruited by them. 

However, the compensation plan of the MLM industry usually varies and follows other options and alternatives, like including bonuses or maybe establishing a third main earning possibility. 

With Enagic, you can have access to seven different commissions and compensations based on the plan established: Direct sales commission, override commission, educational allowance, monthly incentive, quarterly incentive, title incentive, and global leadership incentive. 

Also, just like every business with this model, rankings are used to open more percentages in commissions or benefits within the company as a distributor. 

Based on the products you sell, you can earn about $285 per machine sold in specific. Each water ionizer or machine comes with a different compensation. 

For the SD501, you can earn the previous amount every time you sell only one. However, this can increase if you reach a specific number of sales or if you provide more expensive options to clients. 

Overall, the Enagic compensation plan isn’t that hard to understand compared to other companies: You make more money the higher your rank is and based on the machines or products you sell. 

You can get up to $590 according to the company’s details. With the points system established, you could even reach the $1,710 payment offered when meeting some conditions or more like achieving commission points and having an equivalent in their value.

Enagic MLM Review #8 -

The ranking and alternatives continue from here, and bonuses depending on how much you sell are always available. 

For the downline or recruitment option to earn money, you earn a commission based on the products your recruits sell and other people they bring in. However, this compensation is decided based on your rank again. 

Pros & Cons: Why You Should or Not Bet for Enagic

Nothing is perfect in the business world, and all models or opportunities come with disadvantages, even when we might be a bit blinded by the pros of going for them. 

Enagic is no exception for this, and we are sure you have noticed some of the pros, but also several of the cons that follow this company and business opportunity. 

In general, we don’t consider MLM companies to be bad, but they are not the best, in our opinion. 

With this in mind, Enagic comes with its good and bad things, and when trying to decide whether it is worth your time and money or not, you need to have a closer look and come up with all the details by creating bullet points. 

To save you some time, you can have a look at the details you will be interested in the most: 

The Good: 

  • You don’t need to pay for renewal, membership, and initial fees. 
  • Enagic is a certified and accredited business with several achievements, which makes it reliable and has proven to be legal despite the business model it chose to work with. 
  • It isn’t new, which means the company has been performing well and continues growing to this date.
  • You can work from home and avoid all the inventory and networking events issues to sell more or the usual person-to-person sales process. 

The Bad: 

  • We don’t have to mention it again, but here we are: The prices. Enagic products are expensive, from simple soaps to water machines. 
  • Although the company has records and a trajectory, the health benefits from the products and water aren’t confirmed, so it makes you doubt the quality of what the company offers.
  • MLM isn’t the best option to make money since, despite the compensation being high per sale with Enagic, you won’t be making profits unless you continuously sell and bring in new people. 
  • Since products are expensive, you won’t have a steady customer influx. 
  • People will get tired of listening about the benefits of the water obtained from the products, and if you don’t have tangible proof of them working, you won’t sell. 
  • It is tough to climb in ranks unless you add recruitments periodically. 
  • Not many people earn over $3,000 annually.

Enagic MLM Review #9 -

For us, Enagic is an actual decent MLM despite the cons being more than the pros (for now). However, the prices of the products and how you need to constantly sell them and recruit people to make us think twice about relying on the business model and not the company itself. 

Thus, you need to be sure this is the idea you have of a business. 

What We Prefer for a Business

Multi-level marketing companies are questionable, and, in all honesty, we wouldn’t bet on them with so many options available today, especially those that allow us to stay at home and aim for passive income. 

Digital real estate is a great option if passive income is what you are looking for, or simply because you can make money without much effort or relying on a business model that depends on how many people you recruit. 

This digital real estate option isn’t super simple nor foolproof, but it is worth the effort and time you invest since, after hard work, it can become a big source of income. 

We won’t suggest that you can make money in a matter of days or that this business model is “simple.” However, it sure requires the same amount of money or even less than Enagic, and you can make more than $3,000 a year but rather aim for this income monthly. 

How does this business option work? 

It’s very similar to the concept of commercial or residential properties. However, it is now online by using websites and building them for companies and small businesses. 

Enagic MLM Review #10 -

The entire idea of the business opportunity is to create sites for small businesses in niches you have already chosen while considering your business plan and how to approach this alternative. 

Then, you must work in ranking the websites n Google to generate traffic that will take you to the main step: Generating leads. 

These leads will become potential customers for the companies and clients you are helping, and you will receive a commission for every lead that you generate per site. 

You can create as many websites as you like and let your clients use them while just waiting for the leads and payment after setting your efforts. 

Start by learning all you can about leads, building sites, finding clients, and more to make this work.

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Written by Dame Cash

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