Arbonne MLM Review

Pot of Gold or a Financial Bear Trap? (2022 Update)

Whenever you read or hear about MLM, you need to wonder what it is all about and if it is something you should invest your time in. 

Therefore, before introducing you to Arbonne and what this business opportunity is, do you even have an idea of what MLM means? 

It stands for multi-level marketing, and if you are unsure of how it works, let’s compare it to something you’re pretty acquainted with: pyramid schemes. 

Now, this mention alone can result in you leaving this review and considering Arbonne to be a scam as you were worrying about, but there’s a big difference between MLM and pyramid schemes that will make you change your mind. 

However, this doesn’t mean the business opportunity works since there are many other aspects that matter, and if we want to understand if Arbonne MLM is a chance you should take, we will have to review every detail. 

What Is Arbonne & When Did It Start?

This multi-level marketing company was founded 41 years ago in 1980, in Irvine, California, USA.

Its founder, Peter Mørck, was a Norwegian entrepreneur that decided to name it after a village in Switzerland called Arbon. 

The entire concept of the company, or more like the products it offers, is focused on skincare products that are completely vegan and don’t use any type of petroleum or animal products that could harm customers and continue affecting other aspects. 

Now, the difference between Arbonne and other skincare products and companies you might be familiar with is that the first works with the MLM business model. 

Going back to what we mentioned in the introduction, the multi-level marketing model aims to sell products. Still, the primary way to make money lies in recruiting more distributors that generate your earnings in the short and long term. 

The MLM model is quite standard in other companies, and the reason why many people mistake it for pyramid schemes is that the process of finding and recruiting people is the same. 

However, an MLM company offers real products, which are the skincare ones you can find in Arbonne in this case, while the pyramid schemes don’t have anything real, only fake services and items for “sale.”

That being said, MLM opportunities are questionable, and we will start diving into that later.

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Arbonne’s Products: Vegan Items

Before you decide to invest in a business, make sure you’re aware of what you will be working with or selling. 

With Arbonne, they have skincare products and makeup, nutrition, and wellness ones. 

The company’s primary focus is to remain vegan regardless of the product they manufacture and distribute, so you’re guaranteed to be handling this type of item. 

There’s a large variety of products for each one of the categories: 

  • Skincare: includes cleansers, toners, serums, oils, day and night creams, masks, sets, and essences.
  • Makeup: lipsticks, powder, lashes, brows, primer, and accessories and sets.
  • Nutrition: products for detox and cleanse, weight management, wellness support, tea, sports nutrition, snacks, bars and chews, and more. 
  • Besides the products, there’s also a healthy living program that offers specific opportunities to start a new routine. 

Overall, the company has a good reputation when it comes to the products despite them not being cheap compared to other brands that don’t test on animals nor use harmful ingredients. 

However, you’re interested in them as people who will be dealing with selling the products to other people, won’t you?

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How to Make Money with Arbonne

Entering the main point in all this, we will answer the question being straightforward: yes, you can. 

The problem with MLM business models (however) is that most people fail to generate income. 

You see, if we go back to what MLM means and how the model works, you will remember that this business is not about selling products but rather recruiting people, and this is when we will have to understand something: it does make Arbonne a scheme. 

Yes, we said there’s a difference between the regular pyramid scheme, you know, and this MLM system, but the thing here is that you’re being tricked with the offer they have. 

To understand this, we have to learn about the options you have to make money. 

First, you can sell products with Arbonne and focus on the earnings you obtain from your sales, but you won’t be able to see much revenue unless you start climbing the ladder they have established, and how can you do this? Moving on with the other option to make money (and the real one): recruiting people. 

Each time a person subscribes to Arbonne membership with your name as a referral, you will earn a commission from this. 

When any of the people you referred sells products, you will also earn a percentage based on a scale of commissions.

The entire concept follows a structure in which you have to build a team. You got your members, and they will be making more sales as well as bringing more people to invite them to become distributors. 

It follows the entire MLM structure you will start to get familiar with. 

With all this in mind, the following percentages represent how much you will earn based on your achievements as a member: 

  • Client commissions: You will make 35% of profits when selling products to normal clients, while 15% for preferred clients. These percentages are based on retail prices. 
  • Overrides: You earn a 6% commission based on the product sales volume of the team you build (recruits and new distributors brought by you).
  • Cash Bonuses: Available based on your personal and team product sales.

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The entire process includes a scale as well. If you want to earn more money, you need to be promoted to other levels: 

  • Level 1: Independent Consultant. 
  • Level 2: District Manager.
  • Level 3: Area Manager.
  • Level 4: Regional Vice President.
  • Level 5: National Vice President. 

How Does This Translate to Numbers?

After all that explanation, we know you are still a bit lost when it comes to how much you can earn with Arbonne, and to be honest, it is pretty simple for us to explain since the company itself did our job. 

Based on your level, there’s an estimate they have calculated as annual revenue; from level 1 to 5, we have $206, $2.299, $13.785, $62.711, and $253.605. 

If you focus on these earnings, you will notice it isn’t too much, especially when it comes to the first four levels, which are basically all of them. 

Now, are these numbers provided by the company accurate or not? 

For us, things are worse than what they actually make you think. 

Unless you are able to recruit people, the truth is that you won’t make any money, and even when you build your team, you have to make sure those people continue recruiting others and sell products. 

The last thing you will be doing is selling products but just cheating people into making them believe they will earn thousands or at least hundreds by selling products when that’s actually not true. 

This is why (finally) why we can consider Arbonne MLM a scam: because you don’t sell products, just make money with the same system of a pyramid scheme despite having actual items in your hands. 

Based on the same information Arbonne provides, it is pretty accurate when it comes to the percentage of people making money since they are at level 5: 1%.

And we guarantee you that all of them have a huge team with people like us selling and recruiting more. 

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Now, are you still considering the idea of investing in this business? You will still need to handle the fees and membership. 

To join the company MLM model, you have to pay $49 in the registration fee, $20 to upgrade to the preferred client (which seems not to be necessary, but they will push you to pay for it), and this registration only lasts for 12 months. 

You have to renew for $29 after the year has expired, and we are still missing the money you have to spend to purchase de starter pack that varies based on the products you want to sell. 

The same $29 applies for the renewal of the preferred client fee. 

Some cost $270, while others $350 or more. Overall, the pack ranges from $270 to $500. 

Understanding Arbonne: Pros & Cons

We know it’s a lot of information to digest, which is why we want to make sure you understand everything it involves, both the good and the bad: 


  • The company is real and legal.
  • They offer good quality products. 
  • You can actually make money even when considering the details. 


  • Products aren’t cheap and quite hard to sell as a result. 
  • You won’t be making money with sales but instead recruiting people (the same as pyramid schemes). 
  • It is expensive to take part, considering the fees and starter pack needed. 
  • The estimated annual revenue is low for most levels. 
  • You have to renew your membership every year. 
  • To access rewards, you HAVE TO pay for the preferred client fee.

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What to Do: Ditch or Try?

The best advice there’s to give you is to ditch the idea of being part of Arbonne. 

Just think about the cons, and we are sure you will understand why we came to this conclusion. 

It isn’t only about how much you will have to work to make money but rather the fact that it isn’t worth it and you might even lose some friends and loved ones in the process (no jokes). 

Every MLM company will promise you the world, and although Arbonne is more transparent than others, it doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to bring you in with this strategy because they are. 

If you take your time to research and look for other genuine business opportunities, you will know that those $500+ you would be spending with Arbonne are actually worth much more somewhere else. 

Online businesses are the best basket where you can put your money, time, and effort right now, and we suggest you stop considering these old MLM “opportunities.”

Digital real estate is one of the best business models to this date, and it is all thanks to the potential of making passive income by investing the same or even less than with Arbonne MLM. 

The other reason why people should definitely choose it lies in the fact that you don’t have to leave home nor deal with legal yet wrong businesses and methods to earn your revenue. 

This digital real estate is all about building websites for third parties and make sure they generate leads by ranking the sites on Google. 

You probably think this is something companies and businesses do by themselves, but most of them don’t know how to guarantee that leads are being generated and, with them, clients requesting services or products.

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Making Money with Digital Real Estate

Following the previous idea, everything will be handled online. 

We know you are a bit lost with the idea of digital and real estate together, but building sites for clients is about having passive income for the commission they have to pay for each site and lead generated. A simple step by step will help: 

  • Choose a niche to know where to find clients. 
  • Start contacting small businesses or individuals in the niche chosen. 
  • Build a site for the client. 
  • Rank it at the top of Google to bring organic traffic (free). 
  • Start generating leads thanks to the people visiting and taking action on the site. 
  • Get paid for each lead you generate for the company. 

Those leads will usually turn into clients for your clients, and even if 50% don’t, they are still earning presence and making it possible to close more deals. 

This is crucial for any business, and since you will be handling the entire process, you are like renting the sites, although they are destined for other companies. This is when “digital real estate” makes sense. 

Now, to get started, you have to be well-informed and educated in lead generation and handle each of the previous steps. 

This #1 training that helped us start our lead generation business and build several sites to generate passive income will help you tons. 

For more info, you can click here!

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Written by Dame Cash

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